DigitalForetell, LLC was founded in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1993. Over the years DigitalForetell has become a leader in IT consulting, project delivery, and human capital management.

DigitalForetell, LLC is an IT Consulting Firm committed to the success and satisfaction of its employees, consultants, and customers through delivery leverage of its four Practice Management tiers: Technology, Consulting, Human Capital Management, and Strategic Partners.

As a midsize, yet world class consultancy, DigitalForetell has selected delivery areas from which it can provide unequalled value and quality. DigitalForetell does not claim or attempt to provide technology delivery in areas that are not within its core practice strengths. DigitalForetell continues to work through its partners to find quality solution providers for customers in areas where it does not directly participate. In addition DigitalForetell will provide vendor and program management at its customers’ request to help ensure the timeliness of the delivery.